GPLIP Council

The GPLIP Council will strive for diverse representation of members on it. This includes diverse sectors, geographic representation, diverse immigrant representation, and diverse opinions. Council will be made up of between 15 and 19 members representing a combination of immigrants, community sector representatives (health, education, social services, justice, ethno-cultural groups), employers/business, local funders, municipal and immigrant service providers.

Members on Council would be expected to connect with all their groups and circles of influence, both locally and beyond, to ensure they bring various perspectives to Council, and take information back to the community.

GPLIP Mission:

The GPLIP Council will provide strategic leadership to the Local Immigration Partnership in Grande Prairie. The Council is responsible for ensuring the Community Action Plan outcomes are achieved, championing the work of the Immigration Partnership, enabling system and strategic planning, advocacy, and governance of the Immigration Partnership. The overall objective of the Council is to promote shared awareness and leadership and create enabling environments for collective action.