About Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a thriving young city that is the perfect location to make your home and raise your family.

Before it became known as Grande Prairie, this part of the prairies was originally home to the Beaver First Nation and several travelling Cree bands. Following European settlement, the area was established as a Hudson’s Bay trading post in 1880. Grande Prairie quickly expanded into a village by 1914, a town by 1919 with the advent of the railroad, and officially a city as of 1958. As resources such as oil and gas, forestry and farming rapidly developed, so did Grande Prairie. This level of growth still defines the essence of the city today.

As of 2016, Grande Prairie’s population reached over 63,000 and continues to grow constantly. From 2011 to 2016, the city saw a 13.5% population increase, demonstrating its desirability as a place to live and work. Amongst this population, 25-29 year olds are the largest age demographic, with the median age sitting at 30.3, well below the national average of 40.5. Diversity is also a major component of Grande Prairie with more than 80 cultural and ethnic groups represented within our population. 

Beyond its own population, Grande Prairie additionally acts as a regional hub serving populations from across Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. It sits as the largest commercial centre north of Edmonton. This trading area means an additional 281,000+ people remain connected to Grande Prairie on a constant basis.

The main industries in Grande Prairie include oil and gas, forestry, agriculture and retail. This industry profile is reflective of the diversity of the workforce in the area, but also presents vast opportunity for all people to make their mark.

Within the community, there are endless possibilities for residents to get involved and feel connected. The City boasts a wide array of sports and recreation opportunities including accessible parks, facilities such as the Eastlink Centre and many different sports leagues. A bustling arts and culture scene also exists within Grande Prairie, with programming at places such as the Montrose Cultural Centre, Grande Prairie Live Theatre and Centre for Creative Arts. Many Cultural Associations and Neighbourhood Associations can also be found throughout Grande Prairie, helping people connect and give back to their community. 

With so much to offer, we can't wait for you to find your place in our community and add to the vibrancy of Grande Prairie. 

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