Newcomer Services

Grande Prairie has a number of organizations to welcome and assist newcomers as they settle in the area. Visit them for information and referrals on everything you need to know before, during and after the immigration process. It is also a great way to start making connections and meeting new people in the community.

  • Grande Prairie Centre for Newcomers
    • Free and confidential settlement services including reception, orientation/information, referrals, translation, employment and financial navigation.
  • Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning
    • Literacy and adult learning programs and services 
  • Grande Prairie Local Immigration Partnership
    • Supports the development of a community-based planning around the needs of newcomer settlement and integration.
  • Cultural Integration Academy
    • A program providing education, family mentorship, outreach and support to newcomers.
  • ACFA Regionale de Grande Prairie
    • Community services specific to the francophone population.
  • Government of Alberta
    • Provincially regulated immigration information.
  • Service Canada
    • Federally regulated immigration information.