Grande Prairie is the main shopping centre in the Peace Region, serving a regional trade population of over 281,000 with a mix of both local stores and major chain retailers.

The Prairie Mall has been serving the area for over 40 years as the largest indoor retail centre in northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia with over 90 merchants. It provides current retail options to local families in one of the youngest marketplaces in the country. 

Downtown Grande Prairie, located in the core of the city, hosts over 500 businesses of commercial, retail, hospitality and tourist variety. Grab a guide from the DownTown Association and take a stroll downtown to see what you can discover today.

The Westgate Centre and Grande Prairie Power Centre are two new retail areas in the city that include a  blend of local, national and international retailers for a great shopping experience.

Even more retailers and service providers are available all throughout the City. Visit the Chamber of Commerce to view a full directory of businesses in Grande Prairie. 

Sales clerk handing back to shopper at a home decor store